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Welcome to our Tom's Midnight Garden Blog

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Welcome everyone to the ins and outs of the makings and the production of Tom's Midnight Garden, as a team we have been working hard behind the scenes running up to the show and through this blog we’re inviting you to get sneak previews of what we have been up to! There are seven of us in total and each of us has a very important role distinct to our skill base, over the coming weeks you will meet the team and get to know what we have been up to.

I would like to first introduce you to Frances, the director and creator of Frankly Speaking Productions. This inspirational young woman has created a business within the arts at such a young age, and unanimously as her workers we look up to Frances for her work ethic and success. Being the strong, confident business woman that she is, I believe it is so important to congratulate and give her credit for making something of herself and her skills. This is just the beginning for her, so let's give her a virtual clap of appreciation!

Myself, the author of this blog as well as the set designer for the up and coming production, have been working on creating the set. I have now finalised the conceptualisation of what the Tom's Midnight Garden production will look like and have begun to trial some of the pieces. In due course I will upload snippets and exclusive previews for you to see. Already I can imagine what the final piece will look like and I am so excited to see it once it all comes together.

Elsewhere, the production assistants have been booking venues to hold the production (in some beautiful locations I may add) and focusing on marketing, including the posters which have now be finalised! Saskia the costume designer has completed her designs, which will also get a sneak preview very soon. If you would like to be introduced to the team, check out the instagram page @franklyspeakingproductions for more info!

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