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Hello everyone! Here is a sneak peek of what Sam has been working on this week! Using his magical musical touch Sam is working very hard on creating the music for the production, he has already pushed himself and gone above and beyond for Tom’s Midnight Garden. We’re so proud of what he has come up with and can’t wait to see how it fits with the performance.

I have nearly finished making the iconic tree of Tom’s Midnight Garden called Tricksy which I will post a teaser of at the end of this week. It has been a struggle and I have been very apprehensive about the final look of it, but as the weeks have gone by and the final days scheduled for creation are coming, I can see it coming together beautifully. The final touches are starting to appear and Tricksy is almost fully assembled. It sounds weird but I am bewildered by what I have created and I am so proud of myself, I wanted to say a quick thank you to the other members of the team for supporting me in this tree making journey. In the next post along with teasers from Saskia in the costume department, I will post a little before and after! But you will have to wait for the actual production before you can see the full Tricksy in bloom.

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